Extra Extra! M&M have done it again!

The 2017 NZ National 10-Ball Championship was an event that marked the start of a new era.

Firstly, with our venue set at the bigger, badder and better Pool & Blues - Pool Hall & Bar 2.0, the team of P&B2.0 worked tirelessly in preparation for the tournament until 2am most nights/ mornings and deserves a special mention. The results of their hard work were stunning to say the least, the moment you walk in, there’s a cool yet vibrant and warm feel to the place. The wooden tiled floor; the sea of pool tables (twelve 9ft international tables, three 7ft English tables, a Chinese 8 ball table and a snooker table); the relaxing seating areas and the friendly bar staff convinces me that P&B2.0 is indeed the hottest pool room in town.

Secondly, not only did the event take place in a new venue, the difference between this tournament and the rest is that a school of new sharks have gotten into the tank. With a total of 63 players entered in the tournament, this was one of the biggest events we have had the pleasure of holding with special mentions to the South Island boys for coming all the way up here and our growing community of Chinese Pool players.

Section play on Saturday was one of the most cut-throat day of play we had seen, with 10 sections of 5 men, only 26 of those were able to qualify to compete with the big boys seated at the top 8 on Sunday. Some of our seasoned qualifiers were unfortunately not able to pull it off this time, which also showed the quality these new sharks exhibit. The 7 women who entered the tournament all competed against each other in a giant section, with only 4 qualifying spaces available.

Moving onto Sunday, for the men’s section, surprisingly most of the top 8 were knocked off their throne in the early stages of the draw, with seasoned snooker veteran Chris McBreen sending them all to the loser’s side to battle it out. Chris had won every single one of his matches in this tournament up until the last one against Matthew Edwards to become the runner-up. Watch out boys, he is most definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Matt’s road to victory started off strong giving his opponents limited chances to win any games off him, it wasn’t until he met Aman Nayyar where they went head to head in a gruesome combat until he eventually lost out by a frame to Aman. From that point on, with the aid of a few cocoxim coconut water (available at P&B2.0), he started a dominating path of victory to become the 2017 National 10-Ball Champion.

For the ladies’ section, our runner-up Lisa Everett, showed class and tenacity throughout the tournament, with a lot of close matches played. Both her and our top seed Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan wrapped up 5 wins under their belt in section play. Lisa had actually taken Molrudee down in the match in the section play with a head to head battle.

Molrudee’s road to victory started with a head to head with Lucinda Rawson in the first round, where Lucinda broke and cleared to secure a spot in the winner’s bracket and sent Molrudee to the loser’s side. Molrudee then bounced back, shifted a gear up and only lost one frame in her remaining road to victory as the 2017 National 10-Ball Champion.

In conclusion, as stated earlier, M&M has done it again. Not only did they provide us with P&B2.0 – the hottest pool room in town, with their busy schedule, they have shown us class, focus and determination to both become the 2017 National 10-Ball Champions in an enormous field of high quality players.




by Duncan Wu

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