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Wow! what a year it has been and the highlight was New Zealand being invited for the first time into the Matchroom World Cup of Pool!
We have long dreamed of the opportunity to be a part of this event and 2015 saw this dream into a reality. We received a late invitation to appear and grasped this chance with both hands. Frantic last minute preparation saw our players Matt Edwards and Nick Pera winging their way to London for the biggest match of their lives. In front of a close audience and cameras- showing the matches live all around the world. The pressure was immense. With a loud shot clock and playing the best the world could offer PLUS representing their country Matt and Nick showed they were capable of competing at this level.

Playing in a straight knockout scotch pair’s format they performed creditably against the 13 ranked nation Poland. Going down 7/3 they had chances. If the first frame had of gone their way things may have been different as it was a winner breaks rule.

Poland made few mistakes and deserved their victory but Matt and Nick came away from the match knowing they can now compete at the very highest level.

This event created more interest for our great game of pool then I can ever remember. Even NZs High Commission representative in London had someone there to support NZ.  Matchroom put on a great event and we are indebted to them for being able to showcase their production via Sky TV to all of New Zealand .We are hoping to be there again next year and the experience will have  helped our players as nothing previous prepared them for what they faced.

Our congratulation’s go to the Chinese Taipei Team!

The Final

Chinese Taipei 10-8 England B

CHINESE TAIPEI came from 5-1 and 7-4 down to win their first Dafabet World Cup of Pool, beating England B 10-8 in the final.

The following broadcasters are screening live coverage of the Dafabet World Cup of Pool:

Sky Sports – GB and Ireland; Sky – New Zealand; CCTV – China; Nova TV – Czech Republic & Slovakia; OSN – Middle East & North Africa; ESPN 3 – USA; ESPN Latin America –Central & South America; Viasat – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria & the Baltic states.

Round One
England A (1) 7-5 Australia
Korea (16) 7-6 Malaysia
Indonesia 7-3 Germany
Romania 7-4 China
Austria (5) 7-5 Peru
France 7-6 Canada (12)
Poland (13) 7-3 New Zealand
Chinese Taipei (4) 7-5 Estonia
Holland (3) 7-3 India
Japan (14) 7-3 Italy
Czech Republic 7-3 Spain (11)
Qatar 7-5 USA (6)
Singapore 7-5 Greece (7)
Finland (10) 7-4 Belgium
England B (15) 7-4 Sweden
Philippines (2) 7-4 Russia


Round 2
England A (1) 7-0 Korea (16)
Romania 7-5 Indonesia
Austria (5) 7-2 France


Round 2
Chinese Taipei (4) 7-3 Poland (13)
Japan (14) 7-6 Holland (3)
Qatar 7-3 Czech Republic
Finland (10) 7-4 Singapore v
England B (15) 7-4 Philippines (2)

Quarter Final Matches

Chinese Taipei (4) 9-5 Austria
Japan (14) 9-4 Qatar
England A (1) 9-3 Romania
England B (15) 9-4 Finland (10)

Semi Final Matches

Chinese Taipei 9-6 England A
England B 9-7 Japan


Final Match

Chinese Taipei 10-8 England B


















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Watch New Zealand v Poland Click Here!


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