Announcement Premier League 2015


Six elite men and two elite women players will be invited to form the Kamui / Mezz Premier Tour.

This will be 4 double life competitions. There will be a guaranteed winner’s prize pool of $1000 for each event.(entry per event $120)

In addition the winner with the top ranking points of the Premier League (including the national points as to be decided) will receive a sponsored trip to the All Japan Open.

If the winner is unable to travel to this event the sponsored prize will revert to the next player on the ranking list that can travel to the event. This prize has no cash equivalent.

The invited players will be prioritized in this first year in the initial instance by being current or past national titleholders but the organising committee retains the right to select whom they seem fit to showcase our game on this stage.

Kamui & Mezz will sponsor x1 trip to attend the 2015 All Japan Championship (WPA Ranking) which will include flights and accommodation and entry fee.(the all japan open is in mid-November with the entries finalised around mid-October)

The intention is to hold some of these events in public areas such as a shopping malls etc. to showcase our game at a higher level. It will have its own ranking system to produce a final premier champion. Existing national championships will also be included in this  ranking points system – the main points will be accrued through the premier league and a lesser value placed on the Nationals but playing in Nationals will be important.

In the future this top eight will be subject to a promotion/relegation system (this will include a pathway for woman as well)

Overseas experience in world events has shown us that we are not far off the best but lack the high standard of competitions that overseas players enjoy. While we are geographically challenged to play more overseas events we see the premier league as a step in the right direction. The premier league will be played on quality tables with new cloth to reproduce similar conditions to overseas events. The format of double life also creates the pressure conditions to perform as in most world events.

We may not be able to achieve all we set out to do in the first year but with everybody’s support at all levels we will achieve our goals.There is a current push to have this game at the Tokyo Olympics - it would be great to have a team from NZ.

The intention by creating this League is to create a high performance programme. This will include promotion, etiquette, dress code and competition guidelines that will raise the profile of pool in NZ and at the same time provide role models and inspiration to our juniors and players at all levels.

Livestreaming of the premier league will help open the quality of the game to the general public and eventually produce a product for television and to attract sponsors.



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