Team NZ Competes at World Pool Teams Championship

The NZ team of David Breen (manager) Matthew Edwards, Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan , Jonathan McDowell –Pakieto and Phillip-Nick Pera competed at the 2014 world Team championships 2014 in Beijing China. This is an event that is competed for every two years and this year 25 countries competed for the title. The top pool professionals represented their country alongside the best players each country could produce. While all amateur players the NZ team were very competitive and earned the respect of the teams they competed against.



NZ vs Chinese Taipai (pre-tournament favourites) 0-6,3-6,4-8,3-8,4-7,1-7(6/0 to Chinese Taipei)

NZ vs Korea – 6-0,6-4,7-8,4-8,2-7,7-6. (3/3 DRAW)

NZ vs Russia – 3-6,3-6,8-5,7-8,4-7,4-7 .(5/1 to Russia)




This was the first time NZ has competed at this event and the world pool association president personally congratulated the NZ team after their close game against a strong Korean team.

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