2014 AGM Presidents Report


Trophy replacement – this has been one of our major pieces of work over the last year.

Due to trophies going missing and in general disrepair it was decided by the management committee to replace our trophies.

This was completed for the SI/NI – National- 9ball, 8ball and 10ball.(woman’s and men’s)

For the initial purchase and replacement we also provide the miniature’s and the engraving. This was a total of 16 Trophies plus 16 miniature’s. A total cost of over $3000.There is now a consistency of trophy all with the NZPA logo.

Web site – this is another commitment the committee has undertaken. We are now in a position to launch this site while there is still plenty to do we are pleased to announce this site is about to become live. It will hold important information as to upcoming events .An event calendar and posters as they become available. It will become a unifying site for the South Island and the North Island with provision to update results and photos. We will show all upcoming events including international tournaments. Information such as Pool rules and changes- NZPA bylaws and links to our Facebook and other industry links.

Drug Testing- to come into line with the World Pool Association requirements we have had to introduce drug testing. This is a requirement for Oceania and other World Associations to be able to compete internationally. At this stage we are required to test two players per year minimum and send the results to the WPA. Auckland Drug Screening are undertaking the testing for us.

International Competitions

Woman’s World Cup 9ball Sheynyang China –NZ representative Wendy Cook August 2013

World 9ball Qatar September 2013 –NZ representative Nick Pera

Amway Open Womans 9ball 2014 Feb Taipei –NZ representative –Molrudee KasemchaiyananChina Open 9ball –NZ representatives Matt Edwards,Brent Wells and Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan

World Men’s 9ball Qatar June 2014 –NZ representative Glen Coutts

Upcoming Events

World Team Championship of Pool 2014 27th July to August 2nd – Beijing NZ representatives Nick Pera,Matt Edwards,Jonathan Mcdowell Pakieto and Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan (Manager David Breen)

World Junior Championships- Our nominated entries are Louis Chand and Jeremiah Taite (to be finalised with Oceania and WPA) 


Overall the Management committee have achieved most of their goals for the last year there is always more to do but remembering this is of course voluntary work. Around 15 NZPA sanctioned official competition’s per year plus monthly management meetings and the enormous work involved in helping to arrange the international competition spots. We are pleased to also announce we have been successful in obtaining some funding for our upcoming World Teams event in China.

Just looking at my own email workload for the last year -550 emails received and 440 sent out outlines the amount of work involved to help grow our sport.

A special event most of us were involved in was the exhibition matches by Efren Reyes. A thank you to Excellence Billiards and Matt Edwards who helped to make this happen for us –it was a special moment for us all.


Venues –

Unfortunately Masse in Queen St was closed earlier this year (previous hosts of NZPA events)

A mention also to what has been a wonderful venue socially and for competition’s in Auckland but has now been closed – The Atmosphere bar (manager Brent Wells)

A new pool venue has opened on the North Shore –Northern Nine Pool Lounge

South Island –we are very hopeful that a new pool venue will open soon in Christchurch.

Juniors – Entries into all junior events will be a maximum of $30

            Junior entries into men’s ranking events to be the equivalent of whatever the men’s levy is for that tournament. No ranking levies are payable for junior entries- the money will go straight to the prize pool.

Rankings –Rankings now have a 2 year cycle. The rankings are all carried over from the previous year and drop-off/re-entered at the end of the corresponding competition the second year. The NZ Open and Oceania competitions will also be part of the comprehensive ranking system.

International Spots- After consultation with the Oceania association and in line with overseas practice the winners of National competitions will not be automatic nominations for world events. This selection process will be assessed on Rankings.

Lastly but most importantly I wish to thank all of the players who have competed in our competition’s throughout this year – you all make up a very special community who compete on the table but support each other the rest of the time.


David Breen

NZPA President

New Zealand Pool Association

P.O Box 47729
Auckland 1144
New Zealand

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