2018 NZPA Event Changes

The last few years has seen the NZPA trial various competition formats – some of these have been to do with previous venue limitations. With this experience behind us we are now looking to base our 2018 events on internationally accepted formats and to attract sponsorship opportunities.


The NZPA has experienced recent positive feedback and growth on an international and national level.

The last 12 months has seen the game grow at the national level mainly because of new venues opening in Dunedin and Canterbury. This has bought a lot of quality players back into the game and a new enthusiasm. This can also be attributed to live streaming of events which has had a lot of views.


Pool Canterbury has been able to join back into the NZPA structure, after a 7 year understandable absence due to the earthquakes and losing their venue.


We are now competing strongly on the world stage with the “World Cup of Pool” showcasing the game in many countries and our top players being recognised and climbing the world ranking ladder.


We have seen participation levels rise with players travelling to events from all around the country, the highlight being the Oceania Championship with 103 participants. Another highlight being the first National Championship to be held in the South Island for over 10 years with the NZ 8-Ball - held in Dunedin at Bowey’s Pool Lounge.


In order to continue to encourage and stimulate this growth we believe we must adapt our events.

We believe quality well run events with added value promotes healthy competition and provides a realistic  pathway for players to compete internationally. Sponsorship will play a big part so obligations to the sponsor will need to be fulfilled.



2018 Changes:

Separating events into two categories Major & Minor.


Major events being National Championships (8,9,10-Ball) & Oceania events (NZ

Open & Oceania Champs), Major events are events that National & Oceania players are eligible to participate. Minor events are made up of all events that not all players nationwide are eligible, which are regional and island events.


Major events in 2018


  • Added prize money and minimum fixed prize payouts.
  • Added value at all levels
  • Further improvements in live streaming and media.
  • $80.00 entry fees, $40.00 Juniors
  • Double elimination format (until final) - with adequate races


Minor events in 2018

  • Section play, Knockout. 40% - 50% of section qualify (i.e section of 5 - 2 qualify, section 6 - 3 qualify, section 4 - 2 qualify) OR Double Elimination.  note - no players will be exempt from qualifying stage
  • Longer races
  • Increased prize pool
  • $60.00 entry fees, $20.00 Juniors


Other changes

  • Restricted Events will no longer be under the NZPA banner. Regional associations are still encouraged to run restricted type events.
  • Premier league removed from the 2018 calendar.
  • Section play (day 1) then double elimination (day 2). This format has proven to be too time consuming over a 2 day period.
  • Top 8 qualify into day 2. From 2018 all players will start from the same round.
  • We will be using Cuescore a new online platform which will interact players more with live scoring, match scheduling, player profiles, results and statistics.
  • We are looking at ways to improve the live streaming experience.  


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